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The Verge: Its About Time

The Verge is a Nashville based pop-punk band with indie and alternative influences. 

The lyrics often provide a sense of self-reflection and progress that indicates a deeper understanding of how to make the experiences into something positive.

Dealing with themes such as disillusionment, heartbreak, and the death of a close friend, The Verge writes songs as a form of cathartic expression. Featuring  energetic and fast-paced melodies but with melancholy  and somber underlining themes. 

"It's About Time" is a reflection of Ending and starting again. 

All the cover art below was taken, edit, rearrange, and finalized by N. J. Lampers of Crooked Teeth Photography  


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Final Edit 

The Process  

Planning and Execution:

When I sat down to discuss this E.P with The Verge, the first thing we did was think about the songs and how they will complemented each other in one compilation. While Considering the themes and underlining tones and messages of the lyrics and music The Verge had decide  they wanted the subtitle to be "Its About Time

Once that was decided my job was then to somehow put the themes Disillusionment, heartbreak, and the passage of time into one photo.  The Verge and I had brainstormed a couple ideas but eventually came to the conclusion that an old man sitting on a bench contemplating in the shadow of an old tree would be a killer shot. 

We found a model, found a location and set out to make it happen. 

What makes this photo special is although it was mostly planned, it was not posed. The Child you see in the light in the background was running to his family who had passed in the background before him. However, instead of waiting for him to pass I thought ahead of time as I saw the child coming into the frame of the photo. I then waited for the right time and took the photo you see edited here today. Taking the photo focused the old man, as the subject. 

A young child in the light, bright with ambition, innocence and joy. Only to be the reflection of the past to a much more somber, timid present for the old man reflecting to his past on the side in the shadows. Successfully capturing the themes of E.P. .  Afterwards, I brought this to all the members of The Verge and proceeded with editing once everyones satisfaction with the image was confirmed. 

Front Cover:  As Shot, Unedited. 

Front Cover:

As Shot, Unedited. 

Back Cover:   As Shot, Unedited.

Back Cover: 

As Shot, Unedited.