Hello, I am N. J. Lampers. I’m a music photographer working and living in Nashville, Tennessee.


At CrookedTeeth Photography every client is not only a client but they are a friend. Having experience coming to Nashville to form my own band  (The Verge), I have firsthand experience working within the scene, and I can honestly say I love the scene as much as you do. 

One of the aspects of music that I have always appreciated the most is the fact that music intangible, it is something that you can only feel. It touches our deepest humanity and brings us together in the process to share our experiences in a way that we can all appreciate and love. To have the opportunity to capture that in a photograph is what drives me at CrookTeeth Photography. 


Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

- Ansel Adams 


Music is a way of feeling, of Touching (the heart), and of loving each other. With CrookedTeeth Photography my goal is to help spread to the love of your music scene, and what it stands for.




N. J.